Monday, August 31, 2009

Opinion Piece

Some Fellows may remember the interesting and vehement debate with Dr. Juliette Tuakli on the sexual rights of young African girls and women. A while ago, someone introduced me to the blog: Adventures From the Bedrooms of African Women. It's title is self-explanatory. According to the blog's author, Nana Darkoa (who has agreed to grant us an interview for this blog or for the webzine, so please look out for it), the aim of the blog is to break the silence surrounding African women and sex. It is not a political agenda, nor does it preach the virtues of abstinence or the socio-political repression of women's sexual rights.

Instead, it is a space where people can be candid about sex and sexuality (while hiding safely behind pseudonyms if they so wish). The topics range from douching and its avderse effects on women's health, to brazilian waxes, oral sex, African men's kissing abilities and phallic African art. For some this webpage is too hardcore or vulgar. For others it is a much needed ice breaker to get people talking. Men and women meet on this space to challenge one another, agree to disagree, share their fantasies and their concerns.

You can read an interview with the two authors here. Of course MIvoice's interview will be way better.

Upcoming posts on Adventures include an interview with a cross-section of Ghana's prostitutes, and you can also find a review of and comments on The Perfect Picture. Indeed, Adventures an adventurous project, but the blogs authors and many of its subscribers and followers boldly use their names and pictures, preferring to be candid rather than clandestine. (Fellows may recognize one of the co-authors. She was at our graduation ceremony). This is definitely one blog worth reading, whether it is to air your own views or just to see a sample of what a cross-section of Africans think and experience with regards to sex and sexual rights. This blog is indeed many things for many people: cathartic, therapeutic or just a fantastic anthropological case study. Either way, do mosey around, try not to be too startled, and let's have our own exciting debate on sex and sexuality in Africa, right here on MIvoice.

Please comment below adding a question or two that you would like us to include in our interview with Nana Darkoa.

Submitted by: Annette Quarcoopome


  1. I have already been on this website, it is quite interesting. You learn a lot. I learned that douching is actually very bad for a woman's health, and is advised against it. of course there are also stories about bad kissers, and a lot more else.

    Would love to see more people access this.

  2. Hi Annette,

    Thanks for profiling Adventures and introducing the blog to the rest of the MILEAD Fellows. I'm also really liking this blog and will be following your adventures.

    All the best!