Friday, August 21, 2009


Greetings to the Chairperson of the meeting Dr. Juliette Tuakli, WISE and MOREMI Board of Directors and staff, Distinguished Guests, MC, Ladies and Gentlemen. Further to that, I would like to extend my welcome to the newly elected leadership of the MOREMI INITIATIVE NETWORK and ask them to stand up as I call their names so that everyone can see who they are.

The first members of the leadership of the MI Network are:

Ø Honorable Vice President, Ms. Huda Mohammed
Ø Honorable General Secretary, Ms. Fathima Kemi Bello
Ø Honorable Finance and Economic Officer, Ms. Sarah Simba
Ø Honorable Public Relations Officer, Ms. Chiedza Muthisi
Ø Honorable Chief Editors of MIvoice, Ms. Rama Salla Dieng and Ms. Annette Quarcoopome
Ø Honorable Alumni Network Administrator, Ms. Muthoni Nduhiu; and myself as the President of the Network.

Thank you, you may be seated.

We have finally come to what seems to be the end of the programme and for a little while, we had all escaped from our everyday lives and routines. We came some with different aspirations/expectations and others with a confused sense of the meaning of this trip and its part in our journeys towards our respective destinies.

As we walked together with joint hands we began to learn, to realize that the spirit of UBUNTU had already begun her work amongst us. She was keeping us united irrespective of the diverse backgrounds from which we came. Somewhere along this journey we awoke to the revelation that we are the people that we have been waiting for and the daunting realization that no-one else is coming!

Friendships have been established and a leadership appointed. These have served as a sign that we have certainly embraced the revelation and have taken ownership of it. The personal growth we have experienced can be measured in quantum leaps and as we leave here today, we are prepared to go back home to our communities to be the catalysts where change is needed.

I imagine that our decision to enroll for this programme must have been driven by the strong sense that it just felt right and with much faith we have stayed the course and finished it. As we go home we take with us all the lessons learnt, whether they came from the lectures or personal interactions amongst each other. Thank you MILEAD for,

Ø Educating us;
Ø Equipping us;
Ø Training us;
Ø Supporting us; and building onto the already existing potential that you saw in us.

So home we go not to forget, GOD FORBID THAT WE DO! But to implement our projects whether they involve

Ø Establishing an SGBV network in South Africa;
Ø Availing internship opportunities for African students in the DIASPORA; or
Ø Focusing on education in Somalia, either way we will all somehow make a positive contribution where it matters most.

It was just yesterday that being part of a revolutionary Pan African Network for young women was just a dream however today, thanks to you MOREMI, that dream has been actualized and is being celebrated through this Graduation Ceremony. With that said, thank you once more MOREMI for making this experience possible.

Thank you all!
Ms. Charmaine Linda Ntuli


  1. Awesome speech, almost had me in tears that day!

  2. Dear president, this made me cry,i have read it like 4times!!