Monday, October 5, 2009

Fellow Ruth Namwese contribution on the situation in Guinea

Guinea current situation


What a tragedy that has befallen Guinea.

First and fore most I would like send my condolence to those that lost their dear ones as a result of violence. Not for getting those that have been treated inhumanly. These kinds of acts should not be part of Africa especially in the 21st century. It is very unfortunate to the African blood that is shed without any reason.

Women were raped by soldiers in the stadium," former Guinean Prime Minister Sidya Touré told the French newspaper Le Monde. Touré led the country from 1996

At least 157 opposition supporters are now believed to have died after Guinea’s troops opened fire on a mass protest in the capital, Conakry, a human rights group has said.

According to hospital sources, 157 dead and 1,253 injured have been registered,” Thermo Maadjou Sow, the president of the Guinean Human Rights Organization, said on Tuesday…

The shootings took place on Monday after about 50,000 protesters gathered outside a stadium in defiance of an official ban on the demonstration.”

Police arrest a protester on Monday near a stadium in Guinea's capital Conakry during a protest.

Personal Recommendations to Guinea situation

Demonstration is aright of dissatisfied human being. How can an armed force fight with Unarmed civlians.That was inappropriate use of force. ," Kelly said. "The military also stands accused of carrying out brutal rapes and sexual assaults on women demonstrators and bystanders during its rampage."

The government should come out clearly and compensate the victims of violence. For example those that lost their lives and those that were abused sexually. This was very in human. if this is not and led with care then it will have long-lasting effects on the lives of the victims.

The state should also come out to apologise to all those that were victimized. The violence that happened degraded the dignity of persons and there fore measure to restore the dignity of the abused persons should be put in place. Among the is the apology from the state.

All individuals who perpetuated violence should be arrested and put to justice. This would act as an eye opener to any other person who would attempt to do the same.

Dialogues should be used to clear the differences other than killing innocent people. This will clear the differences. For example dialogues worked in Zimbabwe and Kenya during the post election violence’s in those countries.

The UN Security Council should immediately come to rescue the situating in the country and prevent more loss of lives.

The government of Guinea should take control of the tense situation in the country. Rule of law should be put at the fore front of leadership.

The African Union should as well act as a uniting organ in this sager.
All African countries should come out and condemn the act and prevent such violence in their respective countries.
The civilians also should keep law and order and have in mind that as they demand for their rights, they should not abuse the rights others.

All human rights organs should jointly say no to such violence.

But who can enforce this, It’s me and you. We need to resist all those kinds of injustices and protect fellow Africans.

Ruth Namwese -Uganda

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