Monday, September 28, 2009

First Moremi Institute Online Conference: Call for Contributions

Dear all,
as you may have read in your inboxes, the executive committee has launched a call for suggestions on our first post-Ghana meeting. We realize that many people do not have regular access to internet and also that we are all living in different time zones. In view of that, please post your suggestions below on the following:

Date of meeting:
Medium: e.g skype, msn, yahoo messenger, g-chat etc.

We look forward to your suggestions and I for one am excited about our first meeting.

Thank you.


  1. Date of meeting: November would be nice and symbolic, I agree with Kemi.
    Time: Daytime for as many Fellows as possible. Perhaps 14h00 GMT on a weekend.
    Medium: Skype works best for conference calls despite its limitations. Second best would be msn but it doesn't work on my computer :-(

  2. I have Skype and MSN, for those that have Skype or MSN, what are your address, I can add you, Skype also does have Chat. Is there an agenda for the meeting? Things we should have ready when November hits? And is the purpose of this meeting to just reconnect and see where people are after the trip? Just wondering, since I know I have been quite for a few weeks now.

  3. I think we can start our first online meeting in november for reasons already made by Kemi and Annette. I have only two active mediums-skype and yahoo messenger that i can use. I agree with Annette regrading the the day and time for th emeeting. I am for the weekend.

  4. Why November? Sype conference call would do. Agenda? weekend is great as i doubt there will be those working then.

  5. The idea of having a meeting is great to me.But I'm abit concern about the time and I have no answer to this.This is because considering the many time zones we have,like having a 7-9 hour difference among the Canadians and those in East Africa,for instance...But we can forge strategies to make it work,I think.
    As for the Agenda,do you want us to float our ideas or what?Shed us more light on this.