Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jennifer Hudson to star in Winnie Mandela film

Hollywood actress Jennifer Hudson is to play Nelson Mandela's ex-wife, Winnie, in a film about her life, reports say.

Variety magazine reported Hudson was thrilled about the role and has described Ms Madikizela-Mandela as a "powerful and extraordinary woman". Ms Madikizela-Mandela played a vital role in freeing her husband after 27 years in jail but has since been linked to a murder and convicted of fraud. South African film-maker Darrell Roodt will direct the film. His work also includes world-renowned films Cry, The Beloved Country and Sarafina. Hudson is the second international actor set to play a South African icon in recent months. Hollywood is also preparing to release Invictus, a Clint Eastwood film about Mr Mandela in which US actor Morgan Freeman will play South Africa's first black president.

Nelson Mandela and Ms Madikizela-Mandela were divorced in 1996 just four years after his release from Robben Island. Her role in the release of her ex-husband is celebrated by many South Africans and she is still known as the "mother of the nation" but she is no stranger to controversy. She was implicated in the kidnap and murder of young activist Stompie Seipei, who was believed to be an informer for the apartheid government - although she has always denied the charges. She was convicted of theft and fraud in 2003.


  1. I love JHud and all, but i always get this feeling when other non-African actors potray an African in a movie, i feel like its a slap on our face like are you trying to say that we dont have good actors in Africa? and i feel its our story and it should be told by us not for us.

  2. I agree with you Sofiat. But I have come to terms with the fact we are not the ones producing and directing these movies. In fact they are not even intended for us. They are intended for foreign audiences who will pay to go and "learn about Africa" and feel better after two hours of staring at a big screen. They are more likely to go and see an actor/actress that they no than to go and watch a movie with an unknown (albeit brilliant and talented) African star. The world is unfair...