Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Guineans In Gambia Register For 2010 Elections

The registration of Guinea Conakry nationals for the 2010 elections in Guinea has been completed, Consul Jallow revealed in an interview with Foroyaa October 1. The Consul said the whole registration exercise was sponsored by UNDP, European Union, USA, UK, Japan, France and Spain. He said it has commenced on the 15 – 30 of September 2009.

The Guinean Consular who only introduces himself as Mr. Jallow told this reporter that this registration is important because it is to show that citizens inside Guinea and those outside are all equal and any event that happens in Guinea is for all Guineans regardless of where they may be. He also told this reporter of their intention to register Guineans living up country but they restricted themselves head office because the equipment available for the registration is inadequate. “So we urged all Guineans throughout the country to come to the head office to be registered but very few could make it.”

When asked why the head office premises was still over crowded by Guineans Mr. Jallow said; “We told them that the registration is over. There is nothing we can do. This date is officially given to us by the head of the election body in Guinea and it is up to them to give more time for registration.”

Consul Jallow said they had no problems at all with the registration as far as his office is concerned. He said they registered 150 people in a day. He however shows his gratitude to Guineans as well as Gambians because according to him he got the publics’ full support from both countries” He appreciated that thousands turned up there had been no trouble at all. The Guinean consular in Banjul Mr. Jallow during the interview told this reporter that the elections is slated for 31 January 2010 and will inform Foroyaa of any development concerning the elections.
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